Pastor’s Letter – November, 2010

Dear Friends,

During the last days of October, heavy rains and wind came roaring through our Maine woods and now November begins with those golden glittering and maroon leaves, that once glowed like stained glass windows across our valleys and hills, now fallen, filling lawns, woods, and lanes. The stark gray hardwood trunks, boughs, branches, and twigs etch our skies, while fishbone white birches, yellow larch, and all ever greening trees, once over shadowed, now can be easily seen. What a metaphor is this for our lives: at times we caution “yellow” warns us followed by, sometimes hard times, yet in all times there is always the evergreen of God’s presence.

Our church calendar reminds us November begins with “All Saints Day” and at the end of the month Advent begins. Advent already, wow!

Ellsworth United Methodist Church, the church made up of little “mustard seeds”  that could, can, and does ended October by making and delivering sixty Halloween Gift Bags to hospitals, doctor’s offices, shelters, and to ambulance workers. Why? Should a child be sick or hurt on Halloween, a gift bag, filled, with non-food goodies, could be given to them. Smiles from the places we dropped off these goodies empower us each year to do this out reach.

November 1st -4th another outreach leap: our annual Sub Sale Fund Raiser. Orders are taken from shops, doctors offices, banks, real estate, court offices, car dealership and repairs – just about any office, shop or store in the town of Ellsworth you can name, are visited, with easy to fill out order forms for our homemade, made to order subs. Members of EUMC begin chopping, slicing, and assembling subs, which are delivered to the “buyers” door on Thursday morning. Our subs are well known and the response has been very positive.

Also on November 1, 6:30 ”GPYes!” returns for its 1at and 3rd Monday nights of fellowship. Our new theme is looking at current events with our bibles open. We will read, talk, pray, sing, and try to understand today’s world better by reading scriptures. On 1st Mondays we will nibble on snacks, while on 3rd Mondays we will share a pot luck meal together as we seek answers not alone but in fellowship with each other.

November 8 is All Saints Day. Our opening hymn will be # 711 “For All the Saints.”  During “Time for the Young at Heart” I will be talking about St. Francis to our Sunday School children and to the entire congregation. Our Hymn of Preparation is #712 “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God.” And, as you might imagine, my sermon is also about saints: “Saints Come in all Sizes, Styles, Ages,” which will include a singing by all of  # 2178 “Here I am”

On November 14, after all that stirring up of saint excitement, I see on my UMC calendar it is Stewardship Sunday, and so taking that theme we will begin worship with an Introit:  #2284 “They’ll be Joy in the Morning”, our Opening Hymn: # 378 “Amazing Grace and our Hymn of Preparation is # 408 “The Gift of Love.” My sermon is titled: “Called to Give, How Will You Answer?” Hopefully people will feel God’s love in their hearts as we all answer as best we can. Closing Hymn is to send us out joyfully to share God’s Word with #2282 “I’ll Fly Away”

November 21 is a busy day for Ellsworth and Penobscot UMC. After morning worship in both churches we will enjoy a meal together, and celebrate the many good gifts each church has shared with others over the past year as we participate in Charge     Conference.
Since November 21 is the Sunday before Thanksgiving hymns and the content of my sermon will be based on what the congregation wishes to sing and what wonders they have to be thankful for.

November 28 is the First Sunday in Advent. We will begin by singing # 103 “Immortal, Invisible God Only God.” Our children will help us light the first candle of the Advent Wreath and we will sing together. Our Hymn of Preparation is #569 “We’ve a Story to Tell the Nations” and the title of my sermon: “Be Prepared, Be it Day or Night” as I share the classic children’s story: “Babuskah” a dear woman, who was not ready to leave her warm fire to visit the baby named Jesus.

I hope you will have some time to stop by, either to worship or to think about our current events and seek out answers from our many translations of the bible. I pray  you all will stay well, and that your have a most blessed and joy filled Thanksgiving – and should you be in need for anything please never hesitate to contact us. EUMC  is a family church and all of you are part of our family.

May God bless and see you in December!

Pastor Susan Yaruta-Young

P.S. Oh, and if you’re wondering about my two-Sundays-away trip with my husband of 25 years: the island of Kaua’i in Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and it was a joy to worship at the Wiamea United Methodist Church (the Church in the Cornfield) and to see how close our UM roots grow even when the distance is 6,000 miles away.

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