2019 March – April Newsletter


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Teachers Professional Day

Thank you to all the members of our congregation for your donations to the snacks provided at the Ellsworth Middle School today. The teachers and staff had a professional work shop day and were so grateful for all the snacks we provided. Baked goods, vegetables, fruit, cheese and crackers, chips, granola bars and packaged sweet treats. It was our way of thanking them for all they do for the youth in our community.

Shelley, Caitlin and Robin Freeman delivered all the items.


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Our congregation was blessed to welcome a new member today

Family members stood with Robin Freeman this morning  as he was received as a member.



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February 2019 Newsletter

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Three new confirmed members today

Wonderful Worship service this morning. Darlene Bearse lead our woship service and Rev. Chretien comfirmed  Dylan, Kyler and Caitlin Freeman as members.

Caitlin Freeman did a sign language interpertation of the song “Mary did you Know” sung by Darlene. Dylan did our audio equipment and Kyler read scripture.

How blessed we are to have Dylan, Kyler and Caitlin as offical members of our church family.

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