Pastor’s Letter – May 12, 2009


"Crocus" by William Moise

Dear Friends,

It’s May!
It’s May! The joyous month of May!
The time when Maine’s beauty begins to pop out seemingly over night.
What was once a drab gray and yellow lawn
with a few snow patches still slowly disappearing,
now is bright green, of course also spotted yellow with those amazing “can’t get me down” “dandylions”.
Would that we all had such ability to leap back up once we were “cut” down.
The other day my husband hand mowed our 1 1/2 acre lawn..
The very next morning he discovered, more than before,
a whole new batch greeted him or waving yellow headed blooms greeted him!
One could say this is a lovely theology: great faith brings new life.

It’s May: black flies and humming birds have returned.
Many of our beloved children are returning home from college,
and after a “sound byt” crash to recover from final papers and exams,
they will be bored and ready for summer jobs.
But this summer jobs may be fewer.
What shall they do?
I guess this is when we must think creatively. We ask them:
“What gift has God blessed you with?”
And when they answer, we need to help guide them to use those gifts.
Maybe it means playing music and/or singing at a retirement home,
nursing home, in church, in a park.
Maybe it means drawing, painting , photography, sculpting
and then finding places for their visual art to be sold.
Maybe it will be in helping do heavy yard work or cleaning for those who can’t
and even if not paid in cash — they will feel an even greater joy
knowing they have helped someone else.

It’s May and soon June. Bright beautiful warm days.
Soak in the beauty and know that God is.
And God graces our mornings, our afternoons, our nights.
God is and God is always with us, in glad times and hard.
God is always waiting for our love greeting
and knows when we greet each other with love.

A very blessed and happy May and June!
Pastor Susan Yaruta-Young

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