Pastor’s Letter – June, 2009

Dear Friends,susan-altar

Happy June! And yes, “June is busting out all over” with flowers blooming, birds singing, “full out” leaves and grass lush green.  At Ellsworth United Methodist Church our ‘mustard seeds” are alive, bursting as they make old dreams become real happenings.

“GPYes!” is here. No longer is our Fellowship Hall a near empty.. Rugs, chairs, sofas, end, coffee tables walls decorated by maps (come and find out why) — make one end of our social space into a living room where, we hope, our new worship services will be a welcoming place for folks to gather Mondays from 6:30-7:30.

Why are we doing this? Isn’t Sunday a.m. enough? No!

In the mid-1700’s John Wesley, an Anglican minister, saw empty churches. Well, empty, except on Christmas, Easter, for a baptism, wedding or funeral, but most Sunday mornings mostly empty. People were busy doing other things.

Sound familiar?

Today many small and big churches are nearly empty most Sunday mornings. In some 11 people may be the norm and if more than 15 show up the Greeter has to hurry up and print out more bulletins. Where is everybody? Many are resting after a hard work week, maybe after enjoying their only free night with friends and family.

Or many have worked late on Saturday night and are resting before they are called in to work the late shift Sunday night.For many people Sunday morning is a time when they do need to sleep, rest, release some stress. Then there is the problem families face: sports, music lessons special events, that their children/teens are involved in, miles from home.

Yes, Sunday morning may work for some, but there are many it no longer works for. In the 1700’s John Wesley took the message and care of the needy TO them. Wherever some one was, who needed help or who had not heard of God’s love, Wesley was there.

So, it is in keeping with our church tradition, rooted in our faith, that we offer Monday evenings. We firmly believe there people who are physically hungry and for them, our third Monday of the month is “Manna Monday.” But we also believe many are spiritually starved, searching for some safe place to find support and we wish to open our doors and let those folks come in.

In a spiritual type hymn  “Ain’t Got Time to Die” the lyrics are:

“Lord, I keep so busy working for the kingdom, ain’t got time to die.
‘Cause when I’m feeding the poor, I’m working for the kingdom.
Lord, I keep so busy serving I ain’t got time to die.” (music by Hall Johnson)

In these lyrics I see life, new life, comes in serving the needs of others, which keeps us so filled with Divine energy, we truly are “Alive,” The “golden thread,” which will be woven through all “GPYes!” services is mission: local always, global as we are ready and able to fill those great needs.

“GPYes!” A new time, a new way, but rooted in the words of Jesus, from the Gospel of John 21:15-17 “Feed my lambs. . . . Tend my sheep . . . .Feed my sheep”  The members of Ellsworth United Methodist Church have opened the door, their hearts are warm and they hope to welcome you in!

So stop by.
Come as you are!
And know EVERYONE is truly welcome here!


Pastor Susan Yaruta-Young (Pastor Y-Y)

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