Pastor’s Letter – February, 2010

Dear Friends,
The long trek through Lent awaits us, beginning on February 17, Ash Wednesday and ending with  the glory of Easter morning, April 4. Lent is a journey through winter, then , come March it slips over the edge into Spring.

February 2nd is known by several names, like  Groundhog’s Day – will he or won’t be see his shadow?

February 2 is also “Candlemas Day,” when farmers looked at supplies of hay in the barn to see if it was half gone, then to the wood shed, to check if half the wood was used.

On February 6th the nimble and frisky talented folk at Ellsworth Untied Methodist will be hoofing it over to the Ellsworth bowling Lanes to try and knock down some “pins” and earn a few points.  It is one our yearly fun fund raiser.

The event happens at 3:30 with dinner at Pat’s Pizza afterwards.
Come and join us!

On February 14 we are reminded by florists, greeting card
and candy makers to give our dear one flowers, cards and chocolates as we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

February 17, as stated before, is Ash Wednesday, and though we do not distribute ashes, we urge you to think of Lent as a special time. This year, during Lent, my sermons will focus, of course, with the Scripture for the day, but each will end with a special time of silent reflection  and listening. Each week this silent reflection will have a theme, again one connected with Scripture, also prayers and hymns.

Between Sundays, I encourage all to find ways to keep short moments free, quiet time, again, for listening. You may wish to keep a journal about your thoughts, feelings and perhaps images God may bless you with during these moments of “special listening”.

We know from our Gospels Jesus often removed himself to a quiet place to pray alone. Jesus our teacher. During Advent, when we looked closely at A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, we heard lifted up “Be still and know me better.” On Christmas Eve we held candles in the darkened sanctuary and sang “Silent Night”.  In many of our hymns we hear, be still. Hymn #534 “Be Still, My Soul”; #348 “Softly and Tenderly” reminds us  Jesus is calling, (from the “red” United Methodist Hymnal) and in the “black” hymnal (The Faith We Sing”) # 2142 “Blessed Quietness.”

I want to thank the amazing “mustard seeds” at Ellsworth UMC, who continue to strive to do good and who leap at any chance to help someone else. Their out pouring of love, their desire to help, and their wish to bring hope to our world is strong. Immediately, after news of the devastation in Haiti, they were already collecting money and “kit” supplies, which were delivered quickly to our DS’ office.

“GPYes!” continues to be a special time for mission work, informal fellowship, singing, prayer, great feasting, short movies, and sharing our stories. One last “YES!” I especially enjoy having our youth and our Sunday School
in worship. I know I speak for many that just to see a tiny blond haired boy
bring up the “loose change bowl,” sometimes with great help from his older brother, or to hear our teen read boldly Old and New Testament Scripture, is an amazing  JOY!

May God keep you safe, during these cold, icy days of winter,
and I will chat with you again, when the windy month of March us upon us.

Until then, I remain your humble pastor,
Susan Yaruta-Young

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