Pastor’s Letter – September, 2011

September weatherDear Friends, Happy September!

As I sit on my deck mild breezes are blowing and occasionally the humming bird hovers close by, trying to decide flowers? Or a sip of sweet water in our feeder. My husband Luther’s tomatoes are finally beginning to turn red! In my head I hear the melody and words “Try to remember the days of September” along with “Autumn Leaves.” Though I’m hoping, as I’m sure many of you are too, for a lovely autumn, forest vistas filled with leaves glittering like stain glass windows, after our most recent Hurricane, Irene, and with threats of others, my thoughts too quickly slide away from peaceful beauty to fierce winds, trees and branches blown into houses cars, people, downed elecrical wires, raging rivers and terrific flooding. My heart goes out to all who are dealing with hard times due to storms. Today, in my prayers particulartly, are for those living in North Carolina, New Jersey, Maine and Vermont.

This September, as we enjoy the quiet times between summer busy company and family gatherings and “leaf peeper” season, let us use these still moments to pray for so many who are hurting in our country, America, and all over the world. For the many families who were torn with grief on 9/11/01 and lives which will never be the same. And too, let us not forget the many heroes of 9/11,  and others who continue doing good works, helping to create wonderful changes in the lives of others.

What’s new at Ellsworth United Methodist Church? Well, in August “GPYes!” began “Caroling in August”, with choir members and non-singing pastor (me) visiting some elder members of our congregation.  On Labor Day Monday, no meal, but we will meet at 6:00 and a singing visit will be made at 6:15 at Courtland Nursing Home. On September 12 we will meet at 6:30 for a meal and to see where the spirit will move “GPYes!” next in its energy filled fellowship times, when we really ReThink church. In August members of the congrgation, as well as summer friends, collected many school supplies, donated to children, so they could begin school with the supplies they needed. This out-reach mission was a tremendous success and this pastor had tears when she saw the great out pouring of generous love freely given.

It is very exciting to see and hear the plans our children, youth and young adults groups are making and their energy spreads throughout the sanctuary touching the hearts of all ages from our 5 year old to our 80 + and all in between in this small but growing family size church. Stop by some Sunday and visit us! All are welcome and we can’t wait to meet you.

So what will you find some Sunday in September should you stop by? Here’s a sampling:

– Sept 4: Opening Hymn will be “All Creatrures of Our God and King” Time for Young at Herat: “Put on a Light Armor”, Hymn of Preparation: “Through it All”, Scfriptures: Romans 13:8-14 and Matthew 18:15-20, Anthem “Light of the World”,  Sermon: “Putting on an Armor of Light”, The Great Thanksgiving (all are welcome to come and feast at our meal remembering Jesus’ Last Supper), Closing hymn: “God Be With You Until We Meet Again”

– Sept. 11: Psalm 114, Opening Hymn “O, Mary, Don’t You Weep”, Unison Prayer: “Canticle of Moses and Miriam”, Hymn of Preparation: “Lord, Speak to Me”, Scriptures: Ex. 14:19-31, Romans 14:1-12, Matthew 18:21-35, Anthem “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace”, Sermon: “Christ’s Death Gave Us a Fresh Start, Are We Ready To Make that Step?” Closing hymn: “Trust and Obey”

– Sept. 18: Introit: “My Life is in You Lord”, Psalm 105, Opening Hymn: “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, Hymn of Preparation: “He Leadth Me”, Scriptures Ex. 16:2-15, Matthew 20:1-6, Anthem “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah”, Sermon: “God feeding us, an ancient tradition”, Closing Hymn: “El Shaddai”

– Sept.25: Introit “He is Exalted”, Psalm 78, Opening Hymn “Jesus is All The World To Me”, Time for the Young at Heart: “Sunday School, when does it end?”, Anthem “My Life is in You Lord”, Sermon:”Spiritual Journies”, Closing Hymn: ” Sanctuary.”

The above is only a taste of what happens. Each Sunday we do have: Gathering Music, an Introit, “Time for the Young at Heart”, many hymns always an Anthem (sometimes music to surprise in other places). Prayers of Joys and Prayers of Concern follows each sermon (Hmmmm) and our “loose change bowl” is a special part of our collection. Many of all ages are involved in some part of the service, and as pastor, I really enjoy seing the gifts God has blessed Ellsworth United Methodist church folk with.

So please know you are invited as someone we can’t wait to meet. May God bless you all and I’ll see you soon and will be writing to you again in October!

Pastor Susan Yaruta-Young (sometimes known as Pastor Susan Y-Y)

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