Pastor’s Letter – August, 2012

Summer State FairDear Friends, Happy August!

Let me begin with a short prayer poem:

God of compassion and love,
You are the bond between us.
Your hand unites us:
it is the tingle we feel,
when we join palm to palm,
standing in a circle of prayer,
or when we are alone,
left and right palms pressed together,
that wondrous
energy we feel, dear God,
is You. Amen

Once again, happy August, dear friends old and new and may we all be blessed as we enter the last offical month of summer. Even on the first day, first week, it seems as if when we say: “August” we can’t help but add, “Where has the summer gone?” Too fast, always too fast.

During our beautiful Maine summers we delight in the warmth: ponds, lakes, bays and ocean are places to enjoy splashing, swimming, boating and all sorts of water play.

August: we gush over lush fresh orchard and garden grown veggies, berries, fruits, while, something inside whispers: “Prepare! Prepare!” So, we freeze and/or can our overflow of goodies.

August is the month of fairs with ferris wheels and fireworks, challenging toss the hoop, throw darts, break balloons, “Shoot those basketballs”, “Show off your highest speed fast ball.” Sticky carmel apples and/or spun sugar cotton candy must be eaten! So many choices: lobster or crab rolls, grilled sausages with onions and peppers, hamburger, hot dogs, bar-be-q chicken, “walking” sandwiches, stuffed baked potatoes;  or vinegar sprinkled, hand cut French fries. Recipes from India, Italy, Japan, China, Mexico . . . and wonderful Maine whoopie pies or waffle cones filled with locally churned ice cream.

In late August the Folk Festival arrives on Bangor’s Water Front, a combination of players from worlds away with local talent performing music and dance under sunny skies into late nights with starry constellations. Next month I’ll describe Labor Day Weekend — this year it is late but a tidbit: on that great end of summer weekend I’ll be listening to The George Stevens Academy Jazz Band as they play at 12:00 noon between the sulkie races. And I will be visiting stalls where 4 H young people display ribbons won by their soaped clean and perfectly freshly sheared sheep, scrubbed lop eared goats, their litters of piglets, flocks of chickens and ducks, bunnies, puppies, ponies and baby calves.

As I do every year, I’ll duck in to see  who won a “blue” for the best beans or biggest squash.  It would not be the Blue Hill Fair without freshly made short cake soggy in either blueberry or strawberry juices topped by home made whipped cream.

Why do I write about end of summer festivals and fairs in my Pastor’s Letter? Because, I feel the pulse beat and energy of the Holy Spirit, when I step back (maybe sit down at a picnic table),  making new friends with some folks I’ve never met. Here, I see all ages, shapes, sizes, kinds of people gathered to have a good time, to share the thrills and joys of music, rides and games, to laugh and, dare, I say it, to love the day, love each other, as God so loves us.

Most of this August I will be away from Ellsworth UMC. Two Sundays my husband and I will be traveling through France (our first time in Europe). We’ll be guests of Frank, an old friend,
who lives there, so he’s our host, travel guide, and interpreter. The last Sunday in August we will be back in New England, but busy settling our son into his apartment close to the graduate school he will be attending, I know EUMC will be in wonderful hands, while I’m away. And my intention is to return to the sanctuary/pulpit,  renewed, refreshed, and ready to see where God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit  will lead us next.

Here is the worship for August 5:
“Friendship Sunday”
Introit: “Change My Heart, O God”, Psalm # 51, Opening Hymn “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”
Prayer: “Canticle of Love”, Time for the Young at Heart: “A true friend is someone who. . . .”
Hymn of Preparation “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”, Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-16; John 6:24-35,
The Gloria, Anthem: “Lord, Speak to Me”, Sermon: “We  are to Love”, The Great Thanksgiving, Closing Hymn: “The Gift of Love”.

So, until September, may God bless and “happy trails to you, until we meet again!”

Yours, Pastor Susan Yaruta-Young (Pastor Y-Y)

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