Pastor’s Letter – October, 2012

Golden peace of light
I hold you in my hand,
a gift,
an angel of movement.

I know I cannot keep this light.
I cannot hide it inside my closet,
bury it in my jacket pocket,
nor should I lock it within my heart.
I must give it away.
But how?

I must become quiet.
The golden rays are whispering
and I must listen.
(from “Where the Bloodroot Heals, Poems 1974-1986” by Susan Yaruta-Young)

Dear Friends,

Happy October.

I began with a poem I wrote long before I answered the call to attend seminary, yet when I re-read these old poems I see that God already was nudging me into ministry. Is God also nudging you to do something you are fighting? I’ll just let that question stay a question for you to think on. October arrives still whispering September harvest songs and ends with orange glowing pumpkins, children costumed in story book (or movie, t.v. or DVD game) characters,  hefting bags of sweets, knocking on doors and calling out that traditional tongue twister: “Trick or treat!”

October tricks us with warm summer days followed by frost on the pumpkin nights. It is a bit like a middle school age student: not quite sure if he/she should be wearing clothes  off the high school “rack” or still stay comfy in footed jammies, sipping hot cocoa and nibbling on homemade cookies baked by Mommy or Daddy. October is a “tweenie”, an in between month. Not summer anymore, yet not cold, icy, nip your nose, leafless November. In our church year October is also still, “low church time,” when lay and clergy can be a bit playful in picking hymns or Scriptures.

At the end of November we step into Advent and selected Scriptures with traditional hymns. But for now, it is October. Bright changing leaves October. And every place we go we encounter special October light. I’ve heard it said that photography teachers tell their students landscapes taken in October is cheating, because October light is so beautiful every picture is a “keeper!” October light filling our lives is a keeper. It is a light we turn to, as sunflowers in summer turn their heads to follow the sun.

Since this is a letter from a pastor, I’ll say it: October light is God light, warm, surprising, clear, glowing, making magnificent the simplest tree, stone; golden are the wings of gulls flying  across the blue cloudless sky.

Now, what will you discover? What golden October surprises await you, should you step into Ellsworth United Methodist Church at 11:00 a.m. one Sunday in October? Here’s our schedule:

10/7: “World Communion Sunday”
Introit: “Lord, Speak to Me”
Psalm #25
Opening Hymn: “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus”
Prayer: “An Invitation to the Holy Spirit”
Hymn of Preparation: “Jesus Loves Me”
Scriptures: Hebrews 1:1-4; Mark 10:13-16;
Anthem: “Like a Child” Sermon: Children and World Communion Sunday”
The Great Thanksgiving (our Communion; all are welcome)
Closing Hymn: “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”

10/14: Introit: “He Came Down”
Psalm #22
Opening Hymn: “Take My Life and Let it Be”
Prayer: “Prayer for a New Heart”
Hymn of Preparation: “The Summons”
Scriptures: Hebrews 4:12-16; Mark 10:17-31
Anthem: “Cry of My Heart”
Sermon: “Committing Ourselves to Following the Path that Jesus Made”
Closing Hymn:”Sanctuary”

10/21 Introit: “Make Me a Servant”
Psalm #104
Hymn of Preparation:”The Servant Song”
Scriptures: Hebrews 5:1-10; Mark 10:35-45
Anthem: “Together We Serve”
Sermon:”God’s Wisdom, Jesus’ Wisdom, The Holy Spirit’s Wisdom, But Not Our Own”
Closing Hymn: “Standing on the Promises”

10/28: “Disability Sunday”
Introit: “Open Our Eyes”
Psalm #34,
Opening Hymn:”Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee”
Prayer: “The Serenity Prayer”
Hymn of Preparation: “My Hope is Built”
Scripture Mark 10:46-52
Anthem: “Wounded World that Cries for Healing”
Sermon:”Beyond All Expectations”
Closing Hymn: “Dona Nobis Pacem”

Every Sunday we enjoy a Prelude played on the piano by Bruce, “Time for the Young at Heart,” when our children always surprise us with their wise questions/answers or if no child is in the sanctuary all (as we are all children of God) are invited to respond, our Offering includes a “loose change bowl” to collect money for “The Penny Challenge” and our Mission Shares. And every Sunday all are invited to offer up prayers of Joy and Concern.

Come and visit us, you know you will always be welcomed in as a long lost friend  to our family size worship. No special dress is required. Come as you are. And at Ellsworth United Methodist, I promise you will not be “tricked” only “treated’ with love and respect.

See you here come November? I hope so.

May God bless you all. Yours, Pastor Susan Yaruta-Young

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