Pastor’s Letter – February, 2014

bleakmidwinterDear Friends, let me begin with a prayer poem:

Last night, O Glorious God,
the sky was black boot polish shiny
and filled with stars bright as stage lights.
Bitterly cold, sharply clear,
icy snow banks; shimmery powder crystals
swirled across black tar roads,
like muslin dresses,
when music makers inspire dancers to whirl into blurs.
O Glorious God,
to live here is a blessing.
Each season has its own shocker
to awaken dreaming, arrogant idlers
and sullen poets; we fall on our knees,
clasp our hands, drop our heads
and know
yes, know,
You are encouraging us,
Your children,
to enjoy Your lovely gifts.

February, our shortest month, often feels like the longest month in the year. Metaphorically, we paw at iron-hard ground, anxious for winter to end and for Spring, in all her wonder and beauty, to arrive.

Here in Maine, it is not likely that daffodils will begin blooming, a yellow celebration to warmer weather. “Daffys” may be an entrance call to February spring weather in southern states, but usually not here in Maine.

February IS the holiday month. Valentines Day and Presidents’ Day are part of February Break, when schools close, releasing K-12th graders. Some families head south: Florida is a big destination. For others, a ski trip is the way to go. And there are those who seek a trip to a big city, like Boston or Portland (ME), for museums, music, movies, and hotels with heated pools.

Many families, with school-age kiddies, head north, to Bangor, for it is the town of clock-stopping, heart-beating, hands-clapping BASKETBALL games. Bleachers are filled, jazz bands play rousing school songs, and all ages yell for their home teams.

February is sometimes the beginning of Lent, but not this year, as Ash Wednesday is not until March 5. February is also, as it has been for the last 62 years, my birthday month, and I say “God, bless!” to all my family and friends, those departed to wonderful spiritual lives, and those cheering by my side.

February is a month of watching for signs: “Is the ice out yet?” “I saw a smudge of yellow with a green blade under the snow, I think it’s a crocus trying to perk up.” And God signs: “I awoke knowing God is near.”

This February, as I often and most sincerely write, if you happen to find yourself some Sunday morning, at say 11ish, in Ellsworth, Maine, I invite you to stop in at EUMC. I know the folks would love to meet you. Me too. Come dressed in comfy clothes and be prepared to smile, laugh, fill up on tasty goodies, good cheer, and be sincerely made to feel like a long-lost friend or member of the family.

So, here’s a preview of our Sunday worships this February:

2/2/14: Introit, Psalm 15, Opening Hymn: “Blest Are They”, Prayer: “For Courage to Do Justice”, Hymn of Preparation: “Be Thou My Vision”, Scriptures: Micah 6:6-8, 1 Cor. 1:18-31, Mt. 5:1-12; Sermon: “To Know, Know, Know You, Is to Love, Love, Love You”, The Great Thanksgiving, Closing Hymn: “Sent Forth in Jesus’ Name”.

2/9/14: Boy Scout Sunday, Introit: “Woke Up this Morning with My Mind”, Psalm 112, Opening Hymn: “This LIttle Light of Mind”, Prayer: “Canticle of Light and Darkness”, Time for the Young at Heart: “Scout Prayer”, Hymn of Preparation: “Here I am, Lord”, Scriptures: Is. 8:1-9, 1 Cor. 2:1-13, Mt. 5:13-20; Sermon: “Waking to the Light”, Closing Hymn: “Pass it On”.

2/16/14: Introit: “God, How Can We Forgive?”, Psalm 119, verses 1-8; Opening Hymn: “Near to the Heart of God”, Prayer: “For God’s Gifts”, Time for the Young at Heart: “Reconciliation”; Hymn of Preparation: “Let There Be Peace on Earth”, Scriptures: Deut. 30:15-20, 1 Cor. 3:1-9, Mt. 5:21-33; Sermon: “How Can there Be Peace on Earth?”, Closing Hymn: “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”.

2/23/14: Introit: “Make Me A Channel of Your Peace”, Psalm 119, verses 3-40; Opening Hymn: “For Grace to Labor”, Hymn of Preparation: “Come Thy Font of Every Blessing”, Scriptures: Lev. 19:1-2, 9-18, 1 Cor. 3:10-11, 16-23, Mt. 5:38-48; Sermon: “God’s Love is Tough Love”, Closing Hymn: “We Are Marching to Zion”.

May you have a blessed and wonderful month. I hope to see you next month, March, right here on the web.

Pastor Susan Yaruta-Young (Pastor Susan Y-Y)

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