Ideas for alternative services?

Because we realize that not everyone is able to make a Sunday 11:00AM service, or that not everyone is comfortable in that environment – or heck, that there are tons of people that are totally BORED just mentioning church – we’re toying with the idea of offering get-togethers (not necessarily “worship services) at a different time, with a different focus than a traditional service.

So I turn to you, loyal readers (or random folks that just happen to stumble upon us on the internet), for some ideas.

Would a more contemporary, non-traditional service appeal to you?
If so, what kinds of things would you like to do or see there? Wii night? A free supper followed by movies? A time to share what’s going on in your life with others and possibly find support/ideas/suggestions to help? Contemporary music? Live music performances? Open mic nights? More food?

We’re open to suggestions – please bring ’em on! We’re hoping to start something in June or earlier.

All the best,
Amy B.

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